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These are sharings from participants in various workshops and trainings...
"Komala is about being fearless, going for life in all colors, not being ashamed of making mistakes, daring to try what is vibrating inside, to express, to dance, she inspires my wildest dreams!"
"Komala has amazing skills and deep life experiences, but she is simple and easy. She shares real wisdom that comes from her heart, she is so natural, as an old friend..."
" What a relief to let go of fears and ideas, the ghosts that held me limited!"
" Komala's approach makes me grow up, undress my childish wishes to be different, to compare myself with others, and just enjoy who I am, fully! Really feel what this means at each moment. Having fun without wanting something to change!
It sounds simple, but it is strong to feel and live it! So free and responsible for my own choices, reactions... to know that I can choose to respond differently, without blaming others, without projecting my own fears.
I have done a lot of therapies, but they always made me feel that being aware depends on effort and practice, that it takes time, that I need to do something to break through... And meditation has been a way to escape, and relax, but feeling alive and in meditation had not come together so far... Now I am feeling just natural and so fullfilled!"
"Komala can show many facets: silent, wise, supportive, provocative, intense, soft, fiery, talkative, calm... She is unexpected, spontaneous! She talks about what she lives, that is clear, no theories, ideas, no bullshit! She wakes me up!"
"Sometimes my mind tries to catch what she is talking about... But I cannot understand. At the same time I can feel so deeply, like her words touch my skin, strange... 
Sometimes I am reactive, but then I realize that I am just afraid to let go of what I believe and know to protect myself... my own ideas and judgements... She is fresh, she is piercing. My mind cannot hold on, and suddenly I am breathing much deeper, my heart is open, without any fears!"
"Komala brings the spirit into the fire of my heart!"
"Her way does not fit into any box. She is like the weather! You never know what is coming..." 

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