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There are some interesting gifts in the aging process...

Unbroken is a raw passion for discovering different ways to end up at the same place – inner silence. When time stands still - no comments about what is, but the simplicity to look and receive, to touch and feel, to listen and be.

The underlying thread is delight in being alive simply because this body came down with the clear intention to dance to the end of love! So, I keep exploring intimacy with Life, with myself and others, as a means. I like it wild, free, surprising, daring, graceful, and more... I love to dance!


Grateful to all who share love, sincerity, vulnerability, touch, aliveness, silence, and presence with me... These are my most precious skills. 


My soul recognizes the Kashmeerian Tantric lineage as my portal to body and spirit as one.  


Home base is quest... I have lived in 5 continents... India holds my soul memory, Ibiza roots my connection with planet Earth, Portugal speaks of my father's ancestors, Germany holds my mother's lineage. the USA has grounded me during my adult life, Brazil is where my body was birthed. 

Practically... Komala has been offering educational programs embracing Ayurveda-Yoga-Tantra as foundation for exploration in consciousness, health, sexuality, and meditation, for the last 30 years. She is Lead Faculty at ISTA (International School of Temple Arts), professional member of NAMA (National Ayurveda Medical Association, USA), Panchakarma Educator (Ayurveda Institute, Albuquerque, USA), provider of Continuing Education in the USA, MA Anthropology (Sorbonne University, France), BA Graphic & Industrial Design (Milano, Italy), have been intensively trained in a great variety of therapies and healing modalities integrating Eastern & Western approaches with meditation, having lived 12 years at Osho Commune while Osho was alive, working at the Osho Multiversity, and later 7 years at Osho Academy, Sedona, USA. She has been part of the creation of a few healing centers in the USA and Europe. 

She has published several books and inspirational DVDs, some available at, and through this STORE site page.

Her next publication in 2023 is entitled "Intimacy ~ Ayurveda, Relationships & Sexuality", originally written in English, presently being translated in 6 languages: Portuguese, Czech, Spanish, French, Italian, Russian.  

Soon, online programs will be available through this website and others in English and Portuguese.




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