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Relating represents the roots of life force, the core impulse that beamed us into a body.

From innocence we 

Sensuality & Sexuality


Sexual desire is the link with the place where we come from! We may call it void, bliss, infinity, light, cosmos...  Conscious sexuality has the power to activate this imprint. Beginning and ending. Full circle. Spiral of LIFE.

Once we loose connection with our sexual instinct, we disconnected from our source of power. Thus, often the longing for something we feel to have forgotten, or lost. 

Missing the portal of arrival, we loose track of destination... We keep searching outside for something that is intrinsic memory. 

The fire of sexuality is remembrance. Birth and death ~ not surprising the greatest taboos. 

This remembrance is activated through  the body of pleasure. It  sparks individuality, intelligence, creativity, radiance, joy and more. How to live at orgasmic pace?

When human beings are hollowed from their core guidance, the result is the state of our planet now.

Consciousness can be integrated when we clear the veils of conditioning around sexuality. It does not matter where they come from: past lives, society, education, parents...whatever is obscuring our sensitivity needs to be dissolved in order to reveal the flame of aliveness.

We keep waiting until someday, something outside of us will grace our lives with that flash of memory. Does it work? How long more do you have to live? How long do you still want to wait?

If you would like to use potent opportunities to inquiry into those themes, here are some invitations.


Fierce Love

4 modules of 8 days each

with Komala Lyra & Sebastien Recotillon





Bookings: contact us

ISTA - International School of Temple Arts


ISTA offers a unique training that addresses and releases emotional dynamics related to sexuality, invites alignment of sexual energy as core life force, integrating sexuality, heart, and spirit as the power of love. Presented in  a sequence of 3 trainings.


SSSEx ~ Spiritual Sexual Shamanic Experience ~Level 1 calls for consciousness and self-responsibility in the way we relate with ourselves and others, offering a quantum shift beyond excuses, blames, fear, shame, guilty.


SSSIn ~Spiritual Sexual Shamanic Initiation ~Level 2 broadens our perspective, opening to the cosmic forces of nature within us, integrating spirituality, sexuality and shamanism.


SSSSeed ~Spiritual Sexual Shamanic Seeding ~ Level 3 offers an opportunity to dive deeper into your own creative power and how it is ready to manifest in your daily life, as an expression of your soul fully embodied.

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