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Ayurveda Mandala Rituals

Transformative experiences...

Ancient practices applied to modern lifestyle...

Activation of energetic intelligence...

Merging touch, scents, sound & silence...

Vibrating the flow of the 5 Elements within...

Unique, personal care, enhancing presence...

Attuning to the mystery of life...

Invocation to soul alignment...

Silent time for integration...

Organic/wildcrafted chosen from ethical sources...

* NAMASTE ~ Welcome!

* GARSHANA & UBVARTANA ~ Exfoliation 

* SNEHAM ~ The Touch of Love

* DOSHIC ABHYANGA ~ Constitutional Balancing Massage


* TANDEM ABHYANGA ~ Four-hands Massage 

* SUNDARAM ~ Inner Beauty Facial


* CHAKRA VIVA ~ Subtle  Body's Harmonization

* SHIRODHARA ~ Third Eye Initiation

* KUNDALINI ~ Spinal Alignment 

* BASTIS ~ Healing oil well for lower back, heart, thyroid, chakra

* NETRA BASTI ~ Healing ghee well for eyes

NAMASTE ~ Welcome! 

A journey of deep relaxation, from head to toes ~ this ritual starts with a foot bath using a special combination of essential oils, herbs, and/or flowers mixed in water, yogurt, or milk, according to season and your constitution.

It is completed with feet, hands, and head massage based in Ayurvedic principles, using exquisite essential oil blends.

Duration 90 minutes  ~ Cost 125€ 



An invigorating, cleansing and rejuvenation treatment. 

Initially, silk gloves are used to gently stroke the whole body and activate lymphatic flow.

Following up, an exfoliating massage is offered using  herbal powder mixes to improve overall blood circulation, remove dead skin layers, cleanse impurities caused by common air pollution, traveling, and/or exposure to environmental toxins.

At the end, a steam bath induces sweat, and further opens the pores.

As a result, delicious freshness and overall tingling.

Duration 90 minutes  ~ Cost 125€ 


SNEHAM ~ The Touch of Love

Awakening life force through presence, connection, gentleness, and intuition.

These are keys to invite deep relaxation, enhance sensitivity, and spark awarenes.

This loving, nurturing massage use warm oils to relieve muscular tension, reduce stress, and infuse the whole body with a gentle sense of expansion.  

Humming pleasure for body, heart, and soul. 

Duration 90 minutes  ~ Cost 125€  


DOSHIC ABHYANGA ~ Constitutional Balancing Massage

The energetic constitution of each individual reveals unique affinity to the 5 Elements. 

This means that someone may be more receptive to Fire than to Earth, while another person will be more at ease with the Air element, rather than Water.

At all levels, our needs are distinct, thus must be recognized and respected for optimal use of our own life force.

Relating to the pleasure of touch, our receptivity and power of integration also vary. 

While someone may enjoy and benefit from being touched with intensity and warmth, another person will be more comfortable when touched in a light and slow way. 

This massage uses specific designs and ways of touch tailored for each dosha - energetic constitution, tuning into your own pathway to profound relaxation and ultimate aliveness.

Duration 90 minutes  ~ Cost 125€ 



Sensitizing the body through the waves of the 3 qualities of LIFE

~ impulse, with vibrating and activating touch

~ maintenance, with deep and nurturing touch

~ dissolution, with deep and penetrating touch

Awakening, flowing, letting go... AUM...

Duration 90 minutes  ~ Cost 125€


TANDEM ABHYANGA ~ Four-hands Massage 

Synchronicity is the key when two pairs of hands move in harmony, touching the whole body with precision and lovingness.

An unforgetable experience, this massage is pure bliss.

Duration 90 minutes  ~ Cost 180€ 


SUNDARAM ~ Inner Beauty Facial
Our faces reflect our inner modes, state of wellbeing and health. Without words, a look or a smile can convey so much information! In the same way, emotions and sensations that are not fully lived may stay in our facial expression, slowly designing wrinkles and 

This ritual invites you to shed masks and allow your eyes to shine brigher!

It combines enticing scents of pure essential oils and hydrosols, exfoliating powders made with grains and roots, delicious herbal masks, nasal cleansing with medicinal oil blend, and 

skillful facial massage. 

True beauty comes from within, as we dare to relax beyond time... and allow restfulness to lead the way. Breathing, feeling, being...

Duration 90 minutes  ~ Cost 125€  



This ritual invokes the power of the 5 Elements through distinctive ways to touch, activating their flow and harmonizing their potential.

A journey that awakens and integrates a full range of vibrational nuances, reminding you of the

source ~ silence and stillness. 

Duration 120 minutes  ~ Cost 220€ 


CHAKRA VIVA ~ Subtle  Body's Harmonization

 The chakra system works as a messenger between our inner and outer environments.

Much like a transmitter station, each chakra is constantly receiving and radiating life force, thus generating invisible vibrational webs inside the body and around it.  

When the chakra system is open and interconnected, like rivers of aliveness, this flow of energetic information nourishes our physical and subtle bodies. Thus, we have rich resources to respond to life, and naturally trust our intuitive intelligence.

On the other side, when emotional/mental leftovers are veiling the radiance of the chakras, inner confidence and guidance decrease, health issues may arise.

This ritual enhances chakra sensitivity, through energetic touch on marma points, sounds, colorlights, aromatherapy, precious stones, and inner silence. 

increasing life force circulation, and inner resources for deeper trust and well bring.   

Duration 120 minutes  ~ Cost 180€


SHIRODHARA ~ Third Eye Initiation 

A Chakra sound meditation opens the space, preparing the body for a journey of heightened awareness.

Head and face massage invites the mind to slow down and enjoy a few minutes going nowhere.

Deep breath! 

Then, a stream of warm oil is poured constantly over your forehead and third-eye, in soothing and slow movements. Time is lost here...

The completion happens in silence and stillness, with time to rest and integrate this exquisite experience. Insights, inner shifts, and profound relaxation may be expected. 

Duration 120 minutes  ~ Cost 220€ 


KUNDALINI ~ Spinal Alignment & Activation

The anatomic structure of the spinal chord is not only fundamental to our physical agility, but also to our mental and emotional expression. It is a vital link between the body and the brain, between irigated by 31 pairs of motor and sensory nerves, which feed the energetic vibrance of all organs.

This complex design is often compromised in its functionality due to injury, posture, repetitive habits, emotional protection, trauma, and/or mental attitudes.

Touching the spine with skillful understanding of its role and refinement can increase energy levels in a surprising way, as well as, realign chronic patterns, pain, tiredness, and other related symptoms. 

Duration 90 minutes  ~ Cost 125€ 


BASTIS ~ Healing oil well for lower back, heart, thyroid, chakra

These treatments involve the use of medicated oils poured directly over the skin, inside little "pools" made with hand-made flour dough.

The placement of the dough is chosen attending to individual needs.

The oils have a powerful, penetrating effect, and are prepared especially according to energetic constitution and effect intended.

KATI BASTI - Lower back 

Duration 60 minutes ~ Cost 80€ 


Duration 60 minutes ~ Cost 80€ 

THYROID BASTI - Hormonal Balance

Duration 60 minutes ~ Cost 80€

CHAKRA BASTI - Harmonization

Duration 60 minutes ~ Cost 80€ 

NETRA BASTI ~ Healing ghee well for eyes

A unique ritual using pure liquid ghee (purified butter) held inside a "wall'' of dough (yes, that is so... made with flour...) to cleanse and strengthen the eyes. Deeply nourishing and relaxing. Reccommended once a month to improve vision.

A head massage and gentle stimulation of marma points around the eyes is offered as preparation for the this treatment. Resting afterwards is imperative.

Duration 60 minutes ~ Cost 125€  

Rejuvenation Retreats

These rituals are combined as a series of daily treatments including an Ayurveda Wellness Consultation, morning Tantra Yoga class, gourmet vegetarian meals, and meditation.

Bookings are made for 4 or 8 day programs designed to your needs. 

These programs are limited to 4 people per retreat, and can be booked according to the dates posted on the CALENDAR page.


Monte California, South Alentejo, Portugal.


Online education


to be launched June 2023


to be launched in October 2023


to be launched in November 2023


to be launched in February 2024

Book in advance by sending us a message.

More details will be posted on this page, with registration form. 


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